Don’t listen to experts, listen to the opinion I came up with on the toilet this morning, insists Iain Duncan Smith

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Iain Duncan Smith has criticised the Office of Budget Responsibility for their post-Brexit economic forecasts, insisting people would be better off listening to what he came up with while sat on the toilet this morning.

As one of the leading figures in the Vote Leave campaign, Duncan Smith has a tenuous relationship with the truth on the best of days, but chose today to reiterate that experts should not be listened to.

He told reporters, “All that studying and research and looking at evidence has clearly pickled their brains, it’s much more accurate to pluck an economic forecast out of the air based on how you’re feeling this morning.

“And my mood is much improved at the moment, thanks to a frankly spectacular bowel movement, so today Brexit is the best thing ever to happen to this country. Obviously.

When questioned how anyone could trust a man who stood beside the Brexit bus talking about the benefit to the NHS of leaving the EU, Duncan Smith remained defiant.

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He went on,”Look, me stood here today telling you that the economy is going to be fine is very different to me stood there a few weeks ago telling you the NHS is going to get an extra £350m a week.

“It is different because this is now, and this is the thing I want you to believe today.

“No, that’s it, no further clarification required.”

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