Daily Mail readers set to march on Lego headquarters

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Readers of the Daily Mail are organising a protest march on the UK headquarters of Lego, it is being reported today.

It comes as part of a backlash after the company announced they would no longer be paying for advertising or doing giveaways with the tawdry rag.

Nigel Farage is rumoured to be ready to join with a loudspeaker, as long as he finishes kissing Donald Trump’s arse in time.

Avid Daily Mail reader Simon Williams frothed, “Lego have shown their true colours and revealed themselves as enemies of the people.

“Having masqueraded as makers of delightful children’s toys for decades, it’s now clear that they are simply stooges of the liberal elite.

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“When will lefty twats like them understand that the people have spoken and we want real change?

“For example, I’m going to finally stop playing with my lego now and buy some Meccano instead.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)