We liked white supremacy before it became known as alt-right, claim racist hipsters

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Hipster racists have claimed they were into the ‘white supremacy scene’ before the media started referring to it as the ‘alt-right’.

A sharp increase in race-related hate crimes has led to some racists insisting they were intimidating ethnic groups long before it hit the cultural mainstream.

“I was daubing hate-filled messages on the side of buildings way before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon,” said intolerant beatnik Simon Williams.

“You probably won’t have heard about this, but the next big threat to white civilisation will come from the Amazonian Mashco-Piro tribe.”

Williams went on to explain that he’s begun exploring new forms of racial hatred.

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“Setting fire to the bins outside a mosque is yesterday’s form of intimidation,” he explained.

“I’ve begun experimenting with more freely improvised bigotry that involves setting up a website promoting misogyny, racism and xenophobia while masquerading as a reputable news source.

“What do you mean it’s already been done?!”