Man’s vague, cryptic Facebook status has everyone fascinated

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The nation has become fascinated by a vague, cryptic Facebook status and, by extension, with the man behind the status.

Simon Williams posted the status – ‘Life can be valleys and mountains, and I’m a Sherpa’ – yesterday at tea time, and quickly became the focus of attention amongst his friends.

“Well, as soon as I read it, I just stopped what I was doing and, after doing up my trousers, I called my family into the computer room to try and make sense of it,” said middle-aged jogging enthusiast and friend of Mr Williams – Andy Bell.

“Whilst I didn’t understand it, it’s probably because I don’t have the deep and sensitive mind of Si.

“But I’m sure it just shows how brilliant he really is.”

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The status quickly became viral, with celebrities becoming involved.

Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lawrence posted – ‘Simon Williams is a Sherpa, he must be so thoughtful and smart. I would definitely have sex with him.’

Philosopher Alain de Botton said the post had a profound effect on him.

“A Sherpa, eh?” Pondered the professional ponderer.

“I suppose, in many ways, aren’t we all Sherpas? I don’t know. I’m simply not as clever as Mr Williams.”

However, despite Mr Williams’ status making so many people really stop and think, his line manager Eleanor Gay has a different take on what it could mean.

“I’m not sure what this ‘I’m a Sherpa’ thing is,” she said.

“But I had to have word with him today about his personal hygiene issues, so maybe he was just feeling a bit down about that.”

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