Tuesday 8 November 2016 by Dan Sweryt

Liz Truss fails to condemn Daily Mail due to fear of being condemned by the Daily Mail

Liz Truss scared of Daily Mail

The Lord Chancellor has failed to condemn toilet paper tabloid The Daily Mail due to concerns they will condemn her on their front page.

She backed the independence of the UK’s judiciary but stopped short of condemning attacks on senior judges over the Brexit ruling, for fears she will appear in their continuing exclusive daily excerpts of ‘Mein Kampf 2016’.

Taking such a principled stance in being stuck between a cowardly rock and spineless hard place, it’s understandable exactly why Truss stood as an MP, wanting to stand up for her beliefs and wanting to make a difference; unless it physically or mentally hurts, obviously.

She said, “Politics is about compromises. And so, saying that I support the judges’ decision but still support the view of the Fourth Reich so they don’t send me off to a gulag, is completely acceptable in our ever-diminishing democracy.

“Hopefully, Donald Trump will nuke us before Mail readers learn how to use a dictionary in order to decipher the paper’s ‘clever subliminal messages, written in CAPITAL LETTERS.”

Truss then left the press conference leaving an enormous yellow streak in her midst.

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader)

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