United States of America continues to dominate baseball World Series

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The all-conquering Americans last night tightened their grip on the baseball World Series, leaving 195 other countries trailing in their wake.

This time it was the turn of the Chicago Cubs to reinforce America’s total domination of the series by beating the Cleveland Indians 8-7 on a thrilling night for their millions of fans worldwide.

Since it’s inception in 1903, no other country has come close to the world title as the American baseball juggernaut has rumbled over all-comers.

One of the first to congratulate the triumphant American team was presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, who spoke to reporters from Florida where he is currently on the campaign trail.

Forming an “o” with his thumb and forefinger and moving his hand up and down, Trump told reporters: “This is a tremendous win for America. It’s just tremendous.

“In fact, if I were to try to tell you how tremendous this is, you wouldn’t believe me. Under my presidency, this sort of tremendous event would be happening all the time.

“You would all be so proud. So proud. So proud of me and proud of your country. I can’t tell you how proud you would be because you wouldn’t believe me.

“However, under Hillary, none of these tremendous achievements would happen. Hillary is a crook who belongs in jail. She is not tremendous, and I will jail her. Jail…is…where…she…belongs!”

The triumphant Cubs team will now embark on a world tour of Illinois to celebrate their remarkable world-beating achievement.