Wednesday 2 November 2016

Facebook user wastes two hours sharing things to impress his insurance company

Man posts to Facebook to impress Admiral

Facebook user Simon Williams has admitted he only shares things on social media to impress other people, so trying to impress his insurance company seemed like a sensible thing to do.

Williams said Admiral Insurance’s decision to offer better insurance deals to people with Facebook profiles that looked ‘safer’ to their quotation algorithm had led to an afternoon of frantic social activity.

He explained, “Obviously, as a millennial social media user, I only ever share things that will impress my friends, future employers and potentially those women who happen across my Facebook profile from any of the number of dating apps I use.

“So sharing and posting things purely to make myself look better is nothing new to me. Tweaking that for an insurance company was pretty easy.

“I simply liked a number of Facebook pages about driver safety, signed a petition calling for lower speed limits on UK roads, added a couple of driving safety courses as Life Events, and even put a couple of posts on my historic timeline about how people are ‘driving way too fast past the school these days’.

“Also, Driving Miss Daisy is now my favourite film, by the way.

“It would definitely have got me cheaper car insurance. It was a flawless plan.

“Of course, Facebook has now put an end to that – the bastards.  Two hours of my life I won’t get back.

A spokesperson for Facebook told us, “We simply can’t have a third party business exploiting the information our users share on the Facebook platform for commercial gain.

“That’s what our advertising business is for.”

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