Brexiter would definitely have ‘shut up and got over it’ if referendum result were different

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A Brexit supporter has claimed that he would have definitely ‘shut up and got over it’ if the referendum result had gone the other way.

“I would have accepted the result, congratulated the Remain campaign warmly and then never spoken of the subject of the EU ever again as it would have been 100% settled,” claimed Simon Williams, a convicted flasher and Brexit supporter.

“If we’d voted to remain I definitely wouldn’t have banged on ceaselessly about sovereignty, barmy Brussels bureaucrats, straight bananas, jobs being stolen, Polish people, and Islamists just walking through our borders with bombs strapped to their faces.

“Nope, if the British people had voted for that, then I’d have respected the democratical process, and got on with it.”

International Trade Secretary and winner of the 2016 Most Demented Grin competition Liam Fox was quick to applaud Mr Williams.

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“Mr Williams’ comments confirm what many have suspected; that we are definitely the best and that supporters of Britain’s continued membership of the EU are just whiny little bitches who should all go and live in Belgium if they like it so much.”

Leading Brexiters have advised the public to ignore the plummeting pound and massive increase in racist attacks since the referendum result as they’re probably just as a result of ‘Remoaners’ not ‘getting behind Britain’.