Cat and owner locked in battle of wills over whether they will stand up

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A cat has no intention of moving from his owner’s lap no matter how much either of them need a wee.

Mister Snuffles, 4, has been locked in a battle of wills with his owner who has been busting to go for several hours, raising the tempo and affection of his purring every time she moves to stand up.

The standoff began earlier today after Simone Williams, who thinks she owns Snuffles, sat down for five minutes with a cup of tea and has been unable to move since despite her cuppa having had a slow and inevitable effect.

Meanwhile, Snuffles is also desperate for a slash, but is determinedly holding it in until 3am when he can wake up the entire house by yowling loudly at the door.

“Alternatively I might go in the middle of the kitchen floor or in someone’s shoe. It all depends how I feel at the time,” he told us.

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“What’s important right now is that I’m not going to move or let her stand up if I can possibly help it, even if that risks me getting caught in an uncontrolled wee myself.

“It’s a matter of feline principle. I’m the boss in this relationship and it’s important she knows that. Purrrrrrrrrrrr,” he concluded.

Simone explained that she’s be getting up in five minutes no matter what, but she hasn’t had the heart to disturb Snuffles who just wants to show he loves her.

“Just another five minutes,” she added with a grimace whilst trying to cross her legs without disturbing her cat.

The situation is ongoing.