Tony Blair considering reforming band to return UK music scene to middle-of-the-road

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Despairing of the current state of the British music scene, Tony Blair is considering reforming his band Ugly Rumours to steer the country back towards middle-of-the-road music.

The former Labour prime minister told reporters that he felt “strongly” about the state of British music and that currently the public faced a stark choice between future garage and liquid funk.

He then said that he was considering his own future and what role he could play at a turbulent time in British music when the “centre ground” he represented was under threat.

“It’s a tragedy for British music if the choice before the country is either this grinding four-to-the-floor beat, or a dated drum and bass sub-genre.

“The true centre ground is vacant. There’s room for something that sounds like it’s proper, serious music, but on a second listen is just a load of cheesy pop.

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“But with a nice guitar solo.”

Mr Blair then left the press conference, humming, ‘War, What Is It Good For?’

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