Man finally rings Adele back

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The bloke that Adele has written her last three albums about has finally rung her back, according to sources close to the star.

Adele’s manager confirmed that songs like ‘Cold Shoulder’, ‘Hello’ and ‘I Wonder If He Fancies Me’ were written about the man, 29-year-old Simon Williams, whom she originally met in the Angus Steakhouse in Leicester Square in 2007 and has been intermittently calling and texting ever since.

Adele, who had been wondering why he wouldn’t ring her back since 2008, is reported to be delighted by the development and completely believed him when he said he’d ‘been a bit busy’ and then lost her number.

He went on to confirm that he was completely unaware that she was now a hugely wealthy and best-selling star with a global following and millions in the bank, but would love to go for a drink sometime.

“It’s nice to see her happy for once,” Adele’s manager told us.

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“Her next album will be titled ‘He Fancies Me!’, and will be full of jaunty, danceable numbers about getting her glad rags on and going up west with this really cute, lovely fella who would never mess her about.

“We’re pretty confident the one after that will be back to the old style, mind.”





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