Value of the pound plunges against Monopoly money

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The value of the pound hit a new 31-year low against Monopoly money yesterday after a newsflow-focused algorithm picked up on a story about Francoise Hollande winning second prize in a beauty contest.

Sterling plummeted more than 6% in two minutes, prompting some traders to insist that it’s a shit game anyway and flounce off.

The currency recovered slightly when it picked up an ‘Advance to GO’ card immediately after passing ‘GO’, but it still ended the day 1.5% down on recent levels.

Property prices in central London were immediately affected, with estate agents Foxtons reporting that the average rent in fashionable Islington had soared to £30.

Simon Williams, chief analyst at Mo Money, sought to calm market worries, saying, “Don’t worry, it’s all just a game”.

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However, markets suffered more jitters when trading opened this morning after Vladimir Putin threw a 5 and a 6 and decided to invade Madagascar.

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