Manchester awarded 3 Michelin Stars after food critic tries ‘Manchester Egg’

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The city of Manchester, without a Michelin-starred restaurant to its name since 1974, was awarded three Michelin Stars yesterday when a visiting French food critic tried the local delicacy known as a Manchester Egg.

The Manchester Egg, a pickled egg that is coated in black pudding and then deep-fried, is sold in pubs across the region.

The egg is often served in a polystyrene tray with chips and eaten with a plastic fork, accompanied by a medium-bodied drink carefully selected by a local sommelier to complement the unique and exquisite combination of flavours, such as Carlsberg.

On hearing of the culinary concoction, Heston Blumenthal, whose prestigious Fat Duck restaurant is one of only four other establishments to be awarded the coveted status of three Michelin Stars, said, “Blimey. Even I couldn’t have come up with that”.

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