Corbyn’s ex-wife voted for Owen Smith because Jeremy can’t pack dishwasher correctly

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Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-wife Jane Chapman has told reporters that Owen Smith is the man to lead the Labour party because Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t know his was round a dishwasher.

Interviewed by the BBC, Chapman explained that she was hoping to see a Labour resurgence, but not under her ex-husband.

She explained, “I believe in the Labour party, but it has to be a Labour party that can actually form a government, – and that simply won’t happen while it is lead by a man who puts forks into the dishwasher PRONGS DOWN.

“I mean seriously, how can I trust the nation’s future prosperity to the man who repeatedly put colours in with my white wash. He is a liability, and I simply can’t trust him.”

Chapman went on to say that she was disappointed over his Brexit position and his role during the campaign.

She continued, “It was just like the summer of ’78 all over again. He said fully backed my plan to paint the spare room cornflour blue, but he didn’t lift a finger to help the entire time it was happening.

“Sure, he said the odd reassuring word when directly confronted about the plan, but was he there when we were scraping off wallpaper and sugar-soaping the walls? Was he bollocks.

“And apparently it was all my own fault that it turned out a bit shit in the end.”