Stock Aitken and Waterman endorse Owen Smith for Labour leader

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Owen Smith’s campaign for Labour leader has received a timely boost from 80’s hit-factory Stock Aitken and Waterman.

Just hours after UB40 backed Jeremy Corbyn, Smith showed he too has his finger on the pulse of popular culture with an endorsement from the famous music impresarios.

A spokesperson for Smith’s campaign said the endorsement from SAW showed that Owen “has what it takes to convince people who were big in the 1980’s that he is the man for Labour in 2016.”

They continued, “While we are backed by the force behind some of the greatest hits of the 80’s, Jeremy is backed by a band that has split down the middle because their lead figure wanted to do something completely to different to the rest of the band.

“He went off to do his own thing, and now they both claim to be the ‘real’ UB40.

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“As metaphors go, we didn’t even have to try with that one.”

Corbyn himself has said that securing endorsements from musicians in their 60s is a key part of his plan to motivate younger voters who feel disenfranchised by politics.

He concluded, “If they’re not into UB40, not to worry, tomorrow I’ll be unveiling Roxy Music and Kajagoogoo.”