Donald Trump fails to catch those goldurn Duke boys yet again

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Bo and Luke Duke have made another thrilling getaway from Donald Trump after foiling his schemes to take over Hazzard county, a lot of folks are saying today.

Trump had been planning to dump toxic waste in the ol’ swimmin’ hole and then concrete it over, but his plans began to unravel after local mechanic Cooter Davenport overheard him talking to some big city boys in a flashy car.

It is reported that Trump sought to divert attention from his scheme by ordering known associate sheriff Roscoe ‘Penny’ Coltrane to frame the Duke boys for violating their parole.

Trump is the richest man in Hazzard county due to a series of successful real-estate deals, but allegations of underhand business practices have dogged him since his youth when he was accused of running moonshine with Uncle Jesse Duke and dodging the draft.

Having stolen copies of the plans to dump toxic waste, the Duke boys high-tailed it to the county line with police in hot pursuit before making an incredible car-jump over the wall Trump had built to keep Mexicans out.

Trump has insisted that he’ll get those durn Duke boys yet, and has also pledged to marry their cousin Daisy just as soon as he loses interest in Melania.

When asked to comment, Bo and Luke Duke replied “YEEEEEEEHAAAAAA!”