American cop has uneventful week prior to retirement

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An American cop enjoyed a peaceful and pleasant end to his law enforcement career despite taking on a new partner and dealing with his troubled teenage daughter pursuing a music career.

“It actually turned out to be a quiet week really,” confirmed Detective Corbett.

“The new guy proved to be a really capable detective so that made my life easier.

“With his help we were able to tie up a few outstanding cases, and he even organised a nice cake in the precinct on the last day. What a lovely man.

“Oh, and Lizzie’s through to the second round of The Voice.”

However, grizzled Captain Dave Kowalski revealed that Officer Corbett hadn’t expected things to go considerably quite so smoothly.

“Hell yeah, Corb was pissed. ‘Captain, I’m one week from retirement, I don’t need no rookie asswipe, blah blah, bitch, bitch’.

“Man, I thought the guy was going to pop, I was like ‘Hey Corb, you’re a week from retirement. Calm down’.”

Detective Corbett smiles ruefully at the memory

“Yes, I’m a little red-faced about giving the Captain such a hard time, particularly as he turned out to be a gentleman about it and even organised a nice good luck card that everyone signed.

“All in all, it was a lovely last week before retirement.”

Detective Corbett also revealed that he had no plans to come out of retirement to solve that one case that had troubled him since he was a rookie.

“No, I’ll probably just go fishing instead.”