Daily Mail has most successful ‘Not putting black athletes on the front page’ Olympic Games ever

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Despite a disappointing final day, the Daily Mail has said that this has been its most successful Olympic Games for not putting black athletes on the front page in the paper’s modern history.

“Well, it is a shame we had to feature Mo Farah this morning,” said Beelzebub, the pictures editor for the Daily Mail.

“But I don’t think that can take away from our marvellous achievement of relegating a huge number of non-white athletes to the back page over the course of the Olympics.”

Beelzebub took time to reflect on what had been the most challenging day.

“Well, there’s been a few, I mean there are a large number of successful black athletes nowadays.

“But I think our strongest work was not putting Nicola Adams on the front page, I mean, she’s talented, photogenic, hugely popular and she’d just won her second consecutive gold medal making her Britain’s most successful Olympic boxer of all time.

“I think keeping her off the front page was a real statement of the Daily Mail’s values.”

The ‘newspaper’s’ success at keeping its front page palatable to readers wasn’t confined to ethnicity either, as Beelzebub explained

“No, we even managed to clip that lady with alopecia from the Team Pursuit from the front page too.

“So it’s just fantastic work all round.”