British holidaymakers hiring cars abroad urged not to drive like arseholes

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British holidaymakers hiring cars abroad have been reminded that driving like an idiot is even more dangerous when you’re the one on the wrong side of the road.

With 100% of British drivers convinced they are an ‘above average’ driver, many believe everything would easier if every other country just started driving on the correct side of the road.

“I’m an excellent driver, obviously,” commented holidaymaker Simon Williams.

“I tend to be cautious when I’m driving my own car, but when it’s someone else’s and I’m on holiday? Well, frankly I don’t see what the problem is.

“Everyone knows that everything is better when you’re on holiday – your car, your driving skills, even your ability to abuse other road users.

“If Johnny Foreigner wants to beep his horn and flash his lights because he thinks I’m in his lane, he can go right ahead.

“My Grandad didn’t fight in the war so I could be lectured to on road etiquette by a greasy-looking Italian in a red Fiat Punto.”

Road safety campaigners have insisted that British motorists should accept their limitations behind the wheel and admit that British roads are often full of British morons, driving like idiots.

A spokesperson told us, “Driving abroad is a serious challenge for many people, but if you’re the sort of driver who can’t park between the lines in your local Tesco, then the German autobahn should be off-limits.

“Some people need reminding that a fly-drive holiday isn’t about hitting speed bumps so fast that your car takes off.”

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