Britain preparing to get angry over whatever happens next

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Borderline simpletons across Britain are readying themselves to get very angry when Britain exits or fails to exit the EU, as the outcome will definitely be undemocratic and in no way their fault.

“I voted Leave to protest against something or other I don’t like because Remain would win anyway and I could go on being angry about whatever it was,” said fuckwit Simon Williams.

“I now realise that Britain is facing up to a 5% loss in its GDP and I am furious at the Leave campaign for lying to us.”

Williams also blames the press for not telling anyone that it was extremely unlikely that a Brexiter Tory government dominated by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove would spend a non-existent £350 million a week saved from a smaller sum being paid into the EU on the NHS.

“However,” Williams said, “I can somehow see a scenario evolving over the next few years where Theresa May goes through the motions of negotiating a Brexit and then puts it to Parliament and/or a second referendum, where we decide to stay after all.

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“This would be completely undemocratic and I will be quite rightly disgusted by it all.”

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