Mother ‘immensely proud’ of son who spends days sneaking photos of mentally-ill Gazza

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A mother has spoken of her immense pride at the career of her paparazzi son, whose photographs of a mentally-ill former sportsperson have graced the pages of some of the nation’s most tawdry rags.

Friends of the family said that Sharon Williams is already compiling a scrapbook of photos her son has taken of Paul Gascoigne’s struggles with mental illness, and plans to show them to visitors to their home over the coming years.

Mrs Williams told us, “As a parent you only want your children to be healthy and happy, but when they go on to achieve what our Simon has done over the last few days it just swells your heart with pride.

“To be honest, we didn’t have high hopes when he left school with one GCSE and a soon-to-expire ASBO, but he’s an example to kids everywhere in showing what you can accomplish if you can just find a job that you truly love doing.”

“The look on his face when he’s caught a perfect picture of a gravely ill man who is clearly suffering a severe bout of addiction-related illness just brings a tear to my eye. We’ve been blessed, truly.

“Margaret from number 17 is always going on about her doctor son and the lives he’s saved – well I’d love to be a fly on the wall when she sees my baby’s photos in The Sun.”

Neighbours of the couple have insisted that the repeated references to their ‘paparazzi son who took those Gazza photos’ are becoming tiresome.

Sheila at number 48 told us, “They just don’t shut up about him. Only this morning she managed to link the fact that I’m waiting for a new washing machine to how her son takes horrific photos of people at their most vulnerable for a living.”

“Apparently, their youngest son is training to be a bailiff, so if he passes the fifteen-second interview I’m sure she’ll become insufferable.”