Poundland forced to rebrand as 80pLand since Brexit

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Popular cheap shop PoundLand is to rebrand as 80pLand to reflect what’s happened to the British currency in the last week and a half.

The pound, which has given up thirty years of gains in under a week, is currently doing a remarkable impression of Felix Baumgartner that time he jumped from orbit and Poundland has to reflect that in their branding.

The store is having a succession of signs made also naming themselves as 75pland, 70pland,  60pland and NoMansLand to reflect future falls.

80pLand spokesman Simon Wi££iams told us that that chain had made the decision with a heavy heart but that a pound wasn’t worth what it used to be these days.

“It’s ironic that many of our customers are elderly people who complain that a pound isn’t worth what it was when they were younger”, her told us.

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“Well, now it’s not worth what it was last week. Or twenty minutes ago for that matter.”

“Hang on; I’ve just heard that we’re 79pLand now. Roll up, roll up!”