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On the plus side, the Iraq conflict inspired some great films, says Tony Blair

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Former Prime Minister and alleged war criminal Tony Blair has defended his role in starting the Iraq war by pointing out some of the great war films that owe their existence to him.

Responding to the Chilcot Report’s damning criticisms of the 2003 invasion, Blair spoke of his love for films such as Green Zone and American Sniper.

Blair told reporters, “Yes, I appreciate that we fucked up Iraq by rushing into a poorly planned invasion based on false information, causing loads of pointless death, destruction and instability that continues to blight the country to this day.

“However, I am confident that it was all worth it to be able to see these great movies.

“I mean, if we had never invaded Iraq we would never have had the chance to enjoy Jeremy Renner’s brilliant performance in the cinematic masterpiece that is The Hurt Locker. I also really enjoyed The Men Who Stare At Goats, even though that one did get mixed reviews.

“I am proud to have started the war which brought all of these films to our screens.

“It’s fashionable to say that all wars are good for nothing, but in doing so we are too quick to forget the valuable contributions that certain wars have made to our popular culture.

“World War II was nasty, but it’s the only reason that we have timeless classics such as Where Eagles Dare or The Great Escape. Not to mention all of the exciting video games.”

Blair then urged the government to step up its military action against ISIS as “Daesh would make great movie villains, so it is our duty to provide some more British military heroes in order to inspire filmmakers”.

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