Luke Skywalker hopelessly lost after turning off his Satnav and using the force

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Luke Skywalker is hopelessly lost after turning his satnav off and using the force but is still refusing to turn it back on or ask directions, we can report.

Skywalker had been driving his Aunt Beru to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters when he made the unexpected decision to turn off, insisting that “Everything is fine” and he knew the way.

The trip to Tosche, which is only an hour drive from his home, has now taken almost half the day as Skywalker drives round and round familiar-looking dunes and getting increasingly angry whenever his Aunt suggest he asks a Jawa to point out the route.

When Luke suggested he close his eyes while driving to reach out with his feelings, Beru is understood to have said it couldn’t possibly make things worse.

“Look, I know the way”, he snapped.

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“See that pile of rocks next to that droid? It’s really familiar. Tosche Station is near here. Just shut up and let me concentrate.

“No, it was a different pile of rocks and droid we drove past half and hour ago. I know where I’m going and I don’t need the Satnav.

At the time of writing, Aunt Beru has reduced the temperature in the landspeeder even lower by saying it’d be quicker if she got out and walked.