Lionel Messi not stopped laughing yet

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Lionel Messi just keeps cracking up at the slightest thing this morning.

Messi, who scored one and assisted two against Venezuela in the Copa America yesterday,  is understood to have started laughing at about 9:20pm European time yesterday and has barely stopped since.

His wife is reported to have moved rooms last night as every time she started to drift off she was woken again by the Argentinian star bursting out into uncontrollable hysterics next to her.

Sources close to Messi told us that he had ‘pretty much got his shit back together’ by breakfast time but lost it again when handed some letters and asked if he wanted to see the post.

Amongst his morning correspondence was a speeding ticket with a fixed penalty notice that Messi found unbelievably hilarious.

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“It’s weird,” his physio told us in an off-the-record conversation.  “It’s like the slightest thing would make him laugh like a hyena.

“When I was checking him out this morning I told him he had a spot and it set him off again.

“And when a news report about Portugal’s latest performance in the European Championships came on the screen in the dressing room he laughed so hard I was afraid he’d get a hernia.”

In related news, Aston Villa manager Roberto di Matteo is understood to be considering a bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, saying he would “Fit right in” as Villa park.

“Back of the net”, he told reporters. “Or not, as the case may be.”