Jeremy Corbyn invites Britain First to parliament to ‘engage in dialogue’

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Jeremy Corbyn is to continue his long-standing policy of engagement with groups that murder MPs by inviting Britain First to Westminster for dialogue.

The Labour leader has a long record of putting aside personal feelings in the aftermath of murderous attacks on MPs and hopes to achieve as much, if not more, as his inviting the IRA to dinner at Westminster two weeks after the Brighton bomb in 1984.

Corbyn, who described Britain First as his ‘friends’, said it was important to share a platform with marginalised groups who feel disenfranchised and resort to violence.

When asked, Corbyn refused to denounce the group, saying it was vital for progressives in politics to reach out and not simply react.

“Feelings are high and emotions are raw in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, and we know that,” said a spokesman for Corbyn’s office.

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“But they were when we invited the IRA to Westminster a fortnight after they murdered Conservative MP Anthony Berry, so we hope people understand how important this is and show the same tolerance and acceptance of our engagement with these groups.

“Jeremy has always been proud to stand by groups who say they fight for freedom and aren’t afraid to get their hands bloody in support of the cause, and there’s really no difference here.”

Adding further, a statement issued on behalf of Corbyn said: “Jeremy Corbyn has been a longstanding supporter of the pursuit of peace through dialogue and negotiation.

“He has met many people with whom he profoundly disagrees in order to promote peace and reconciliation processes.

“He believes it is essential to speak to people with whom there is disagreement. Simply talking to people who agree with you won’t help achieve justice or peace.”