Brexit campaign’s new plan is to just shout ‘Immigrants’

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‘Vote Leave’ are planning to spend the week just shouting ‘immigrants.’

“Immigrants,” shouts Nigel Farage as he enjoys a foaming pint of good British ale and studies the latest Leave.EU poster of the Twin Towers collapsing emblazoned with the phrase ‘Bloody immigrants, eh?’.

“Immigrants,” shouts Boris Johnson as he mentally calculates the exact point he can give up on all this tedious EU guff and launch his leadership bid.

“Immigrants,” shouts Michael Gove as he mentally calculates the exact point he can release to the press everything he’s learnt about Boris Johnson’s psychopathic lust for power and launch his own leadership bid.

“Immigrants,” shouts Gisela Stuart, as she realises that she will never be allowed to make the progressive case for leaving the EU.

“Immigrants,” shouts the Sun newspaper as it completely ignores the fact that it is owned by one.

“Immigrants,” shouts Katie Hopkins, carefully arranging her hair to cover the demonic horns that have started to sprout from her head.

“Immigrants,” shouts Donald Trump as he tries to remember which of his golf courses Great Britain sits below.

“Immigrants,” shouts the entirety of ‘Vote Leave’ in response to the question – How do you sleep at night after conducting such a campaign of lies, insinuation and bigotry designed to whip the country into a righteous frenzy of hatred?