‘Biblical’ swarm of moths exploited our open borders, claim UKIP

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Millions of European moths have entered the UK over the last few weeks, and the government can do nothing about it due to freedom of movement, according to UKIP this morning.

UKIP claim that the diamond-back moths have been able to enter the country and can freely feast on British vegetation because the UK can not protect its borders.

A UKIP spokesperson said, “The government will tell you they can deter the moths from coming here by removing incentives such as free cabbages and cauliflowers, but the simple fact is they can’t.

“Not only to do these moths come over here, but they then have hundreds of millions of kids that also feast on our British vegetation – all at our expense.

“If a billion diamond-back moths want to come here, they can, and there’s not a single thing we can do to stop them due to a bureaucratic and unelected EU.”

Voters have admitted they don’t like the idea of all these foreign moths eating our domestic vegetation when our indigenous moths are forced to eat your grandma’s cardigan.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Clearly the EU is a joke, and with our borders as open as they are I’m not surprised these moths keep coming here, I’m just surprised there are any left in Europe at all!”