Wolves that live alone upset by negative media portrayal

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Wolves who choose to live alone feel they are becoming increasingly demonised by the world’s media.

After the latest atrocity on US soil was blamed on a so-called ‘lone wolf’, wolves who shun pack life find themselves less popular than the new Top Gear.

The one-time favourites of the steppe claim their image has gone downhill since a big, bad wolf exhaled strongly and demolished a straw house containing three little pigs.

To add insult to injury, the lupine community has also been accused of dressing up as somebody’s grandmother in order to gobble them up whole.

Wolf Simon Williams, who has great big eyes – all the better to see you with, said, “Only yesterday some guy stopped me outside Argos and asked me whether I, as a lone wolf, had any comment to make on the latest terrorist outrage.

“I just shrugged and said it had nothing to do with me.

“The same guy later went on Twitter and accused me of a mealy-mouthed response.”

Not only has Simon been spat at in the street, he has also been barred from his favourite gay nightclub “Lupus”.

Williams added, “People use this expression ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. What the fuck is that all about?

“There’s a reason I’m howling at the moon and that’s because I’m crying inside.”