Madonna refused entry to Club 18-30 holiday

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Youthful pop star Madonna is reported to be ‘completely mystified’ as to why she can’t go on a Club 18-30 holiday as she’s only 26 or thereabouts.

The star, who started her career in the 1980s New York club scene, was given the idea to go on the vacation to help her connect with other young people like herself after a conversation with similarly cherubic and ageless star Geri Halliwell.

A week of consequence-free clubbing in Magaluf with the possibility of meeting someone hunky was felt to be just what she needed to give her ideas for her next album, her 14th, and she wants to get on and do it as she’ll be thirty in ‘just a few years’.

“Madge is worried she’s losing touch with carefree youngsters in their mid-twenties like herself”, a spokesman told us.

“Club 18-30 was ideal for her as she fits right in the middle of that demographic, so we can’t understand why the company claims she’s ‘too old’.

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“Madonna? Old? Not if she’s got any say in the matter.”

A spokesman for Club 18-30 requested that ageing pop stars stop asking as it’s getting a bit weird now.