Takeaway menu printed with no spelling errors

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A takeaway in Chester has opened and its menu contains no spelling errors whatsoever.

The incident is being looked into by the Minister of Spelling and Grammar, Callum Hulme.

In an interview, Hulme said, “I would like to assure the public that this is an isolated case.

“All other takeaways in the area are still selling the nation’s much-loved dishes, including Peparoni Pizza, Chicken Nuggers and Donor Kebabs”.

Regular takeaway goers in Chester were thrown by the menu, calling the takeaway and ordering in their native accents rather than slowed down broken English in a foreign accent.

Rebecca Moxon, a Chester local said, “I didn’t know what to do. Usually, when I call up to order Chop Sewie, I automatically miss out the definite article and speak in a mock Asian accent. The correct spelling prompted me to speak normally. It was scary”.

Other takeaway owners around the country have banded together and spoken out against the menu.

A spokesperson for UK Takeaway owners has said in an online post that, “correct spellings on menus takes away from the authenticity of the experience.

“Without Teeka Masarla appearing proudly on all menus, Brits everywhere won’t feel superior when ordering food.”

The Chester-based eatery is yet to speak out itself, but it is rumoured that it is in the process of printing a new menu with vastly worsened spellings for fear of losing custom.