Middle-aged man thinks Kendrick Lamar is ‘fresh’

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Simon Williams, a middle-aged man from Reading has declared that he likes Kendrick Lamar and considers him both ‘def’ and ‘fresh.’

“I heard it on the radio, I think,” said Mr Williams.

“I always listen to 6music, except for the evenings when it gets a bit mad, and Lauren Laverne played one of Kendrick’s cuts and I just thought ‘yes, this is definitely fresh’.”

Mr Williams immediately rushed out and bought ‘To pimp a butterfly’ on CD.

“Wicked is, I think, the only word I can use to describe it,” said Mr Williams with a smile.

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“And fresh, obviously. Definitely fresh. It’s got some quite bad language on there, but I can handle that.”

He is currently considering whether or not to see Kendrick Lamar live.

“I’m certainly tempted. I mean, I probably wouldn’t if it was in Brixton or somewhere like that because…well, you know.

“But I think he’s playing in Hyde Park with Florence and the Machine and she’s alright, you know considering she’s ‘pop’ which I normally think is pretty wack.”

Mr Williams went on to reveal that he was a long-time fan of rap.

“Oh god, yeah, I bloody love the rappers – Fresh Prince, Snow, MC Hammer; they were all fly.”

Kendrick Lamar’s reaction to Mr Williams’ endorsement has yet to be made public.