Top Gear announces spin-off apology show

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Transport fans are in for a treat this Spring, with not one but two new Top Gear shows.

As soon as the main show has been broadcast on BBC2, it will be shown again on the News channel, dubbed with the sounds of apologising.

The spin-off is expected to be called ‘Sop Gear’.

“Although the stars of the show are generally too self-absorbed to know they’ve done anything wrong, they do recognise the importance of being on all our channels at once,” said the BBC show’s producer Janet Leary.

“It’s not just this awareness, though, they’re also personally very sorry for what they did, what they are doing and what they will do very shortly,” said the next show’s producer Valerie Gudgeon.

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Her replacement, Joyce Varmint apologised for featuring so many cars on the show and promised that the next series would focus more on video conferencing.

She swiftly stepped down, after being implicated in fiddling the shows foul emissions. She was found to have deliberately removed Chris Evans from the trailers.