Man sets new flossing world record at nine consecutive days

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The previous world record for longest consecutive number of days flossing has been smashed by a British man, Simon Williams.

Williams, of Bristol, managed to floss his teeth for a staggering nine days in a row before having to stop for personal reasons.

“My other half was complaining that I was taking too long in the bathroom, and she’d just come in when I was in the middle of it, so I chose to stop voluntarily. Sometimes you just have to know when you’re beaten.”

The previous record, also set by him, was just six days, but Williams has admitted that “he was just a kid then, wet behind the ears. If I knew then what I know now, the flossing world would be my oyster.”

He’s also a double record holder in that he’s the only recorded instance of someone choosing to floss their teeth without being told to do so by a hygienist.

Williams laughs as he remembers going into Boots to buy floss.

He explained, “When I came to the counter with all the flossing paraphernalia, they asked me which dentist had sent me.

“When I said it was my own decision, they looked at me as though I’d just taken a shit in their consultation room.”

But having to quit after nine days hasn’t deterred Williams, who has vowed to beat his record yet again.

“I’ve given my girlfriend her marching orders, and I’m practising my flossing every day, trying to get back to where I was, mentally. I hope to be ready to again next season.”