You’ll all lose your jobs to EU migrants like you did to the Bulgarians, says Gove

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Michael Gove has insisted the country will be overrun by immigrants, exactly like it was two years ago when Romanians and Bulgarians were given access to the UK.

Vote Leave member Gove said there would be an immigration ‘free for all’ if potential new members to the EU such as Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania were given free access to work in the UK.

Writing in The Times, Gove said, “I’m sure you all remember the start of 2014 when Bulgaria and Romania were given access to the UK, and turning up to work only to find out that a Bulgarian was sitting at your desk having stolen your job.

“Then not being able to see an NHS dentist because five-hundred Romanians has jumped the queue to get their horrific former communist teeth fixed.

“The airports, train stations and ports were overrun with hundreds of thousands of people from these destitute countries swarming to our shores the very minute they were allowed in. It was horrific, as I’m sure you remember.

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“Well, that will happen again, mark my words. Learning the lessons of history is important, and if we learned anything from the last time new countries were added to the EU, it’s that every single one of them, bar none, will want to come here.”

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Ah, yes, I remember the start of 2014, and the Daily Mail warning of an ‘immigration armageddon’ and the collapse of society as we know it.

“Didn’t a UKIP delegation to go Luton airport to meet the hundreds of planes bringing Romanians and Bulgarians, only to find that two plumbers were the only Bulgarians coming here to work?

“Anyway, I decided to have a look at the actual figures for myself, and it seems in the first year after they were allowed in, a grand total of 22,000 extra workers from Bulgaria and Romania came into the UK.

“But it’s the other side embarking on Project Fear, right?”