Fallout 4: Tax Evasion wins top prize at games BAFTAs

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‘Tax Evasion Fallout 4’ has won best game at the 2016 British Academy Games Awards.

The object of the game, where you take the role of Prime Minister, is to achieve the highest level of hypocrisy, by simultaneously juggling your questionable tax affairs whilst bleating on about rich people not paying enough.

The game’s chief programmer Simon Williams explains what helped win the award, “Unusually, in this game, the player’s avatar is also the Big Boss, and can easily repel the evil media journalist bad guys by simply walking off before they have chance to ask the next probing question.

“You can also personalise the character to look how you want. Well, not change how they look exactly, but certainly polish its face to the amount you think appropriate, all the way from pine to mahogany.”

They were commended for the humour levels within the game.

“Oh yeah, the level with all the pigs is a hoot. That broke a lot of controllers, let me tell you!”

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Upon release, the game received numerous complaints about being able to play as ‘The Chancellor’, in a downloadable level that saw you overseeing control of Hades. One complainant, a Mr Satan from the same postcode area, said “I think it was a bit harsh. I’m not that bad.”

British Indie titles to do well also included ‘Jimmy Carr’s Biteback’ and ‘Gove Don’t Live Here Anymore’; a much-lauded psychedelic stalker-based murder mystery where a former Education Secretary gets what he deserves. Both won three awards each.

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