What is ‘Leaflet’ ask millennial voters

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Millennials are excited to experience the new ‘Leaflet’ technology being used by the government to engage young voters.

With £9m being spent the innovation, those voters under the age of 25 are delighted to finally feel like they are part of the process and have taken to the app store to look for ‘Leaflet’.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I’m 21, so this will be my second proper vote, but I admit I’m confused by a lot of the jargon being used by the politicians.

“What is ‘Leaflet’? Is it like Snapchat? Will they be sending out stories to explain the issues? Or is it more like Whatsapp with mostly real-time text and photos?

“To be honest, it’s a bit embarrassing to know that the government is further ahead of me when it comes to social communication technology and getting its message out there.”

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We then took Williams to one side to show him a ‘leaflet’.

“What? Like in the olden days? Surely that’s, like, a ridiculously expensive and inefficient way to reach voters, for what is likely to be limited benefit?”