Eddie the Eagle movie expected to come last at the box office

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A new movie about Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards is expected to make a plucky effort at selling tickets before coming last at the box office.

The film, which follows the trials and tribulations of Britain’s first ski-jumper has been described as ‘heart-warming’, ‘uplifting’, and ‘dead last’.

As such it is expected to have a few glorious moments of hope, but only a few.

Movie critic Simon Williams told us, “It’s not actually a bad film, but it’s up against world-class competition.

“Saying it’s the best British film in competition is both true and sadly misleading at the same time.

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“We expect it to have a burst of popularity as it flails about a bit before crashing to earth with a terrible finality.

“Then everyone will forget about it until it shows up on Channel Five on Christmas Eve at half two in the afternoon.”