Transgender employee overlooked for promotion ‘finally feels like a real woman’

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Transgender Michelle Watts, who lost out on promotion to her male colleagues, has revealed that the experience has helped to feel accepted as a ‘real woman’.

Despite being better qualified than her be-penised counterparts, Watts failed to be fast-tracked on two occasions.

Watts said that being subject to a glass ceiling has helped her feel accepted for who she is.

“Before the operation, my career had been going well,” revealed Watts. “But now I’m officially female, I’ve been put on secondment and they’ve taken my company car away.”

Watts is a popular and valued member of her team, a point that was made during the 360 feedback session after a man was promoted instead of her.

“We are an equal opportunities employer, and we make sure we treat our staff like any other company in Britain,” insisted Watt’s manager.

“Which is why we’ve just given her a 20% pay cut, compared to Brian who does the same job.”