Racists delighted with opportunity to rollout favourite anti-migrant phrases

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The horrific explosions in Brussels have given a welcome opportunity to right-wing nutjobs that don’t like foreign people to use some of their favourite phrases.

With current reports showing 13 people have been killed and dozens more injured in the terrorist attacks, racists have wasted no time in laying the blame firmly at door of “all of those foreigners”.

With social media currently full of “this is what happens when you let Muslims in” and “Open borders means dead people”, those with an intense dislike of immigration are becoming tumescent with excitement after several months of inactivity.

Racist Simon Williams said, “When you let islamic brown people wander around freely, this is what happens – is that what you want to happen? Because this is what happens.

“All of the time, every time.

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“Yes, it’s horrible that people have died, but it’s also good that I can now speak freely about how this wouldn’t have happened if we just banned brown people from everywhere.

“Ask yourself, why don’t Muslim organisations just come out and publicly denounce these terrorist acts, eh?

“Oh, they have? Well, they would do that wouldn’t they, to cover for all the terrorist in their midst.”

Others have reacted with horror at the unfolding events, whilst also expressing concern that now is probably not the right time to demonise literally millions of people due to the actions of a handful of murderous nutjobs.