Inability to judge Kanye West on artistic level definitely not racist, say white people

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The inability to judge Kanye West on any sort of musical or artistic level and just call him a ‘nob’ is definitely not racist say white people.

Despite marrying huge popular success with consistent musical innovation, white people still insist on focusing wholly on when he acts the prick.

“Kanye West? He’s that nob who said he was the biggest rock and roll star in the world, right?” said Simon Williams.

“He’s a knob. Everyone knows that he does rap, not rock and roll, and rap’s no way as good as rock and roll. I mean, rap’s just saying things where rock and roll is music and singing and everything.

“I mean, I’m not racist or anything. He’s just a knob.”

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Mr Williams stand’s with an entire Internet’s worth of people queueing up to ignore albums as exciting and innovative as Late Registration, Yeezus, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

“Kanye West?” asked Eleanor Gay.

“He’s just a knob who says stupid things.

“Yes, I mean Madonna, Morrissey and Boy George all said stupid things but they made really great music as well whereas Kanye West can’t even sing properly.

“And that’s definitely not racist.”

Kanye West has new album The Life of Pablo out, which is expected to be roundly ignored in favour of calling him a knob for being nasty to Taylor Swift that time.