Sun newspaper is full of shit, claim multiple unnamed sources

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The Sun newspaper is a pile of shit newspaper that is owned, written and read by enormous cunts, it has been claimed.

According to multiple unnamed sources, the content consists almost entirely of bullshit, tits, more bullshit and a crossword which is shit.

“The Sun is beneath contempt,” said unnamed source Simon Williams.

“You would get a more factual representation of current affairs by throwing a tin of Alphabetti Spaghetti through an extractor fan.”

Despite a history of lying, phone hacking, tits, lying and tits, The Sun is the UK’s favourite newspaper, which in turn has led to claims that it’s readership is also made up entirely of cunts.

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“In some respects the Sun provides a valuable public service,” said another extremely reliable anonymous source.

“if you see someone reading it then you immediately know they’re a cunt and to avoid them at all costs.”