Boris suggests that Cameron pulls out ‘Just like your Dad should have’

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The EU debate is getting really rather bitchy, according to sources this morning.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, upped the ante in a drunken tirade against the Prime Minister which was littered with four-letter words and suggestions that his father should have employed the rhythm method.

“It’s on now,” grinned Tory shit-stirrer, Simon Williams.

“Dave is generally used to Boris abusing him; it’s par for the course for an old Etonian.

“But this time Boris was really pushing the envelope and went as far as to suggest that Cameron should remove himself from Europe, just like… well, you got the gist of the rest.

“Dave was so shocked that he did that thing where he purses his lips. You might remember it from that time he lied about eating a pasty.

“I’m not sure how he’s going to retort to Boris, but I’m fairly sure we’re in for another brilliant ‘yo mama’ joke, so stay tuned.”