David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2 to be co-hosted by Olly Murs

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Sir David Attenborough’s upcoming sequel series Planet Earth 2: Naturalist Boogaloo is not just a blatant cash-in on the original, insists his co-star Olly Murs.

“The singing and dancing penguins are just the best!” he added, before spinning with a flamboyant foot-shuffle spin.


“Then there’s the BBC3 spin-off ‘Planet Earth 2: Bigger Better Faster More’ where I’ll be chatting to the animals the viewers have voted off.

“Apparently everyone’s looking forward to me talking to the hungry lions. Can’t wait!”

Sir David, wearing a top hat and holding a cane, said in his trademark voiceover, “As we reach the end of our journey here, I say to myself: what the bloody hell is going on?

“As I get older, the world makes less and less sense and I honestly don’t think it’s me.”

Attenborough was interrupted by the assistant director screaming “Lambada, David! Don’t you know what a FUCKING lambada is?!”

BBC producer Simon Williams added, “Keith Lemon will be talking to the sharks in a special segment called ‘Eaten or Drowned!’.

“It is expected to get the highest wildlife viewing figures since David Beckham’s nanny wanked off that pig.”

Planet Earth 3 has already been commissioned and may or may not be filmed in space.