Boy goes to school dressed as the M25 for World Book Day

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An eight-year-old boy from Croydon has celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as the M25 in honour of the London A-Z.

Little Simon Williams’ mother Jenny explained, “Bless him, yeah, he loves his A-Z does little Si,” she said, fondly.

“Well, what little boy doesn’t? I mean, little girls have all sorts of books like Frozen, Mathilda, and Jackie Collins’ Hollywood Wives but the only thing that’s really out there for little boys in the London A-Z.”

Simon professed to have had a ‘brilliant’ morning, but admitted to feeling a little tired after wearing several tonnes of concrete since 8am.

The tradition continued across the world with children dressing up as characters as diverse a 1988 Ford Sierra from the Haynes manual for the 1988 Ford Sierra, to the creepy beard guy from the Joy of Sex.

One little girl had to be kept refrigerated for the entire morning after going to school dressed as a Frozen Lemon Pavlova from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

Parents are sure to be looking forward to tomorrow when they can send their kids off to school in the normal outfit of a spiderman costume with fairy wings on wheelies.