LeBlanc reveals pretending to like Chris Evans will be ‘toughest acting role’

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Matt LeBlanc has revealed that his role as a friend of Chris Evans will be his toughest acting job so far.

Dozens of other stars have turned down the part in ‘Top Gear’, a film about an angry ginger man who tries to find love by buying sports cars.

Tom Hanks considered it, but struggled not to throw up when he was asked to smile and wave at Evans.

“It’s not going to be easy, but that’s why I went to acting school,” said LeBlanc.

“And it’s also why I’ve started taking Ecstasy.”

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LeBlanc is best known for playing Joey in Friends; a drama about a group of young people who age terribly while trapped inside a flat.

“I like to take on the big challenges, and it doesn’t get bigger than pretending to tolerate Chris Evans,” revealed the star.

LeBlanc thinks the risk is worth it, as it could boost his career.

“I’ve been nominated for an Oscar”, he exclaimed, “just for standing next to his cardboard cut-out, and managing not to punch it in the neck.”