First rule of real Fight Club is ‘No Smoking’

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The real-life fight club is fine with you talking about it but would rather you didn’t smoke.

Simon Williams, 32, started the club out of an abandoned warehouse after finally seeing the film just 15 years after its initial release.

“It was brilliant, and I totally got the point of it, which was that fighting is brilliant,” explained Williams, “so I started my own Fight Club.”

“At first I had the old ‘you cannot talk about fight club’ rule in place but then it ended up just me and my cousin thumping each other, so we ditched that and got some leaflets printed.

“However, it is really quite hard-going having a fight while choking on cigarette smoke, so now we just don’t allow it.

“Anyway, we meet up at Johnson’s Warehouse once all the lights have gone out, so do come along, and tell your friends.

“But please smoke in the designated areas, well away from the fighting.”

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