Bedroom Tax ruled unfair by judge with basic grasp of Maths

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A judge has declared the Bedroom Tax “discriminatory” after spending five minutes alone with a calculator.

Lord Chief Justice Lord Simon Williams made the judgement after realising that people with spare rooms that were still necessary to their living situations were receiving less in benefits than those with no spare rooms.

“This thing is brilliant” said Lord Williams, holding his calculator aloft.

“I’m surprised that this even got this far; I assume that other humans have access to calculators and could have worked out that this tax takes the piss on a basic mathematical level?

“I’d suggest that all MPs have a quick go on a calculator before making suggestions in the future. It would save us all a lot of paperwork.”

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Conservative MP, Nicholas Shittensworth, said “obviously we all use calculators.”

“We use them to work out exactly how far we can fist the public before anyone might notice.

“Obviously on this occasion, we got it wrong. We’re not all smarty-pants high court judges.”