Game of Thrones fans hoping for naked ladies in new series

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With hugely popular TV show Game of Thrones set to return for a sixth series, fans are already feverishly anticipating new developments.

“I’m mainly hoping for naked ladies,” said Simon Williams, a damp palmed Game of Thrones obsessive.

“I mean, that’s what’s brilliant about Game of Thrones; its daring use of naked ladies.

“Like, you have a scene and it’ll just be between these sort of politician blokes and they’ll be having a chat about, you know, sewage in the city and dragons and whotnot and there’ll be two naked ladies doing…things in the background.

“I tell you, if that David Cameron wanted to get more people into politics, he should get more naked ladies in that Prime Minister’s Question Time.”

However, there is one thing that fans are adamant they don’t want to see in the latest series.

“No naked men,” said Mr Williams.

“No, I mean, you don’t want to be seeing that, it’s really gay and it gets in the way of the plots and it’s confusing because you could be looking at the naked man and accidentally get a bit turned on, but only because you were thinking of the naked ladies.

“Actually, do you mind not printing that I said that last bit?”

One thing is for sure, with its realistic depiction of a fantasy world where all the women are in their early twenties and don’t wear pants, Game of Thrones is sure to continue in its popularity.