Litvinenko inquiry Chairman ‘probably’ too scared to accuse Putin properly

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The Chairman of the public inquiry into the death Alexander Litvinenko is “probably” too scared to properly accuse Vladimir Putin of direct involvement.

The public inquiry has concluded that the Chairman, Sir Robert Owen, is almost certainly terrified of publicly accusing Putin outright of murder, and as such will stop at gently implying his loose involvement in Litvinenko’s death in 2006.

Sources close to Sir Robert said it was likely, but not definite by any means, that he fears assassination for claiming that Mr Putin signed off the killing of Litvinenko following a long-running feud.

One of those involved in the publication of the inquiry told us, “The word ‘probably’ is key here, as we’re not saying Sir Robert was definitely too scared to name Putin as signing off on the killing of Litvinenko.

“We’re just loosely suggesting that accusing a man with the entire FSB and SVR at his disposal probably isn’t the best move.

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“Putin has a pretty terrifying track record of dealing with his enemies.

“Oh, I mean ‘probably’.”